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The focus of my art is ritual and mythology.  As a trained metalsmith/jeweler, I make objects that look at ceremony and spirituality and reinterpret these notions with contemporary and sometimes non-traditional materials.  


I fabricate both functional and nonfunctional pieces that can be secular or non-secular.  The common thread running through all of my objects is an abiding interest in narrative.  Whether sculptural or practical each piece tells a story.


The functional artwork I create relates to Jewish practice and tradition and speaks to issues of Kabbalah, or Jewish mysticism as well as Tikkun Middot or character traits through the lens of curiosity. Among these objects, I have created a Havdallah set (finalist, 1998 Spertus Award cycle), tzedakah box, yadayim, mezuzzot, Kiddush cups, Shabbat candleholders, and Hanukkiah to name a few. My non-functional “Jewish” work usually begins with text study and uses the embedded ideas as starting points for my imagery.  


My secular small sculptures explore what I call "ambiguous narratives."  These sculptures can take the form of landscapes, objects, or figures and are imbued with a sense of ritual, mystery or magic. I have used global architecture, mythology, spirituality and tribal objects from around the world as the departure points for my stories. 


Whether my work speaks to the mythology of a distant culture or my own Jewish roots, the tools I use are the same - a love of storytelling.

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